Alternative Rock incorporating elements of Blues, Punk and Acoustic. EP3 is a compilation of individual singles ready for the listener with diverse musical tastes. Thanks for listening!

EP3 was written over a period of 2 years with Anthony performing all vocals and instruments, except for drums. All drum tracks were recorded by Chet McCraken in his remote studio. Though the recording process was simplified on this EP - Anthony explored other genres (Blues, Punk and Acoustic) to make things interesting. Here's a synopsis of the 7 songs:

  1. 2 Days of Sun - Observations from my first trip to Seattle, Washington. Can't wait to return!
  2. Burn Out - Shows how much I love my car, the red Juke.
  3. God Don't Promise No Tomorrows - Words of wisdom from a Las Vegas taxi driver.
  4. Cold, Dark & Gray - What happens when you isolate yourself from the world and wonder why.
  5. Crock Pot Blues - Turning a real bad day into fun with the blues and a crock pot.
  6. Train of BS - Another bad day turned into an acoustic rant.
  7. Dirty Blonde Sunset - Some relationships must end and you must carry on.

Thanks for Listening!


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